Earth Hour- An Event Of Global Significance

Saturday, March 25th 2017, marks the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour, an event during which many people switch off their lights to show how concerned they are about the climate change which affects our beautiful planet.
Earth Hour- an Event of Global Significance
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Earth Hour is still a relatively new concept for me, as I found out  about  it only a few years ago, but it has managed to raise my curiosity and capture my attention to the point that I don’t need a reminder that this event takes place on a Saturday evening every March in many cities and towns across the world. For one hour, between 8:30 and 9:30 pm local time, the inhabitants of those locations in which this increasingly popular event takes place are invited to switch off their lights in a symbolical gesture meant to raise awareness on

the importance of protecting our planet’s climate.

Why is it this event getting more and more significant? Is it really that important to voluntarily switch off the lights for an hour during a year? Can such an action make any difference or is it just a drop in an ocean, a useless manifestation that has very limited effects for the global environment? Well, I think the Earth Hour is truly a special event which has the power to change the mentalities of many people and make them more aware of the fact that each and every one of us can do something for the environment.

Most of us are at least a little concerned about the worrying and sometimes downright signs that our planet’s climate is rapidly changing for the worst. I feel those changes in the area where I live day after day and they affect me as much as they affect the health of other people I get in touch with. The sudden shifts in temperature from cold to warm within a few hours, the unusually hot weather during certain winter days, the extreme weather phenomena which take place in a country situated in a zone of temperate climate are factors which have an obvious negative impact on our

health, and I suppose people from many other parts of the world are forced to adapt to climate conditions and shifts which were not characteristic for their countries.

We all know that mankind is responsible for the damage cause to the environment and we are also the ones who can still change things for the better before the damage done to our planet becomes impossible to fix, but we are often so caught in our web of daily hardships and activities that we simply ignore these issues of extreme importance. Thankfully, worldwide events like the Earth Hour can bring the matter of protecting the climate back in the spotlight and can help us remember that we can’t afford the luxury of ignoring the troubles caused by the accelerating climate change.

I have taken a look at the list of 54 cities in my country in which the 10th edition of Earth Hour will be officially celebrated on March 25th and my town isn’t included on this list, but that shouldn’t be a reason for me not to mark this event, so I am planning to switch off the lights, get out of the house and walk across the town or maybe sit on a bench until 9;30 pm. I am quite confident that I will not be the only one who does such a gesture, and even if I am, it will be nice to feel that I’m a part of a global movement whose purpose is truly a noble one and which may prove to be extremely beneficial for our planet. Happy 10th anniversary, Earth Hour!


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  • nbillett  10-04-2017
    Climate Change will always be in the limelight and protecting our environment is always a topic for discussion. Sadly this year my country did not participate in Earth Hour as a country. The chatter was there and people were asking why and were sad that we were not participating as a country. individually though, there are people who are pushing for each of us to be conscious of our energy use and our impact on the environment. On my part, i make it my duty to shut off all electronic and electrical devices between 3pm-8pm each day (sometimes to the annoyance of the other members in family).
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    • Sebastian Onciu  15-04-2017
      The fact that you shut off your devices for several hours each day shows that there are people who don't necessarily need a campaign like the Earth Hour to be reminded of the importance of protecting the environment. I'm convinced that such actions have become a routine for some people, but they are still a minority, so I can only hope that their numbers will grow significantly in the near future.
  • Sparkster  07-04-2017
    I must admit that I had never heard of Earth Hour until I'd seen this post. I have been aware of Earth Day for a few years though which is coming up shortly, on 22nd April 2017. I agree that it's a special event and that something as simple as this can indeed make a difference. In fact, I see quite a lot of good things going on lately, from gatherings of thousands of people meditating on love, peace and harmony for the planet to people setting up Earth Keeper crystals. I do also believe that a planetary cleansing is in process and that we are indeed making a difference, although on the face of things it may not seem like it. Now, to get rid of nuclear, pollution, etc and bring in free energy....
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    • Sebastian Onciu  08-04-2017
      I agree that there is a process of cleansing of our planet; there are many people and organizations who are trying to help in the neverending struggle to protect the global environment; Earth Hour is just one of these great initiatives, and the more they are, the better it will be for the future of our planet. We must support and promote these actions which can make a huge difference.
  • Lightningforce  28-03-2017
    This is good advice. In South Africa it's no different. It's important that people are aware of this "Earth Hour" but when it's that time I notice people just tend to ignore it and carry on as if it's okay to wise up and use all the electricity that they can and ignore the consequences. With global population increase at a phenomenal rate and not enough power stations to fuel the hungry demanding population, one day is one day when all power will just be cut off and people will just shrug and wonder why. Good article to insight into these problems and conditions.
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    • Sebastian Onciu  31-03-2017
      Thank you and let's hope that thanks to this event more and more people will become aware of the seriousness of these global issues and make more efforts to protect the enivronment. If we act more responsibly every day, not just during Earth Hour, maybe we'll succeed in preventing the alteration of our planet's climate from reaching catastrophic levels.
  • NJKBlackHat  26-03-2017
    It was interesting to see how much people were enthusiastic about this day. I think that's a very good trend, at least for an hour we will stop wasting electricity and do some kind of positive help for the nature.
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    • Sebastian Onciu  31-03-2017
      Yes, it's a positive trend and become more widespread in the coming years for the sake of the future generation and our planet's health in general.
  • ilovegemni110  26-03-2017
    I think there is no concept of load shedding in Western countries but unfortunately, loading more than one hour takes place in Asia continent where people wish that light atleast is turned on but every an hour power supplier breaks down light switch. So here are not only people who care of their beautiful planet save but power supplier agencies also contribute in it
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  • asseem anand  24-03-2017
    Happy Earth Day Anniversary! I think it should be applied on a global scale for its rapid growth. :)
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    • Sebastian Onciu  24-03-2017
      Yes, I think it will keep on growing and it will become an event celebrated all over the world in a few years!
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