It Was All In Her Mind

A short dialogue I had with an elderly woman reminded me that we need to take care of our mental health as much as possible or we risk losing it.
It Was all in Her Mind
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One day I was entering the block of flats where I live when an old woman, probably more than 80 years old, approached me and asked me in a soft voice:
"Excuse me, can you do me a favor?"
"Yes, of course, if I can," I answered her. "What is the matter?"
"Will you please call the police and tell them that we were taken hostage in room 260 and they're still keeping us locked in there?"

I was stunned for a couple of seconds as I was processing the information she had given me. After all, she wasn't a hostage

by any means, she was walking freely outside. I didn't want to call the police without having a serious reason, so just to make sure that everything was alright I went in the hallway on the ground floor, where room 260 was, and looked around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary, and everything was peaceful. It was the moment I realized that hostage situation was only in the woman's mind, as she had clearly lost her sanity. There was no sign of forced entry, everything was in its place, as peaceful as always.

"I'm sorry," I said to her, "but I can't help you because I see nothing wrong, but you can go to the administrator and let her know if you see anything suspicious."

That was the end of our conversation; several minutes later, when I went out again, I saw the old woman again talking to someone, probably telling that

person the same story. I saw her several times afterward, and she didn't stop me anymore, but she approached other people. It soon became  obvious to me that people who live there knew about her condition and had heard other stories from her before, but I guess that no matter how much they reassured her that she had nothing to fear, she wasn't at peace because once she got back in her room, all the imaginary people or scary creatures that haunted her mind made her life a nightmare.

The short meeting I had with the elderly woman reminded me how fragile our mental health can be and how easily we can lose our minds.There are sadly many people who go insane at a much younger age than the poor woman I told you about. Anyone can go mad one day, and the most tragic thing is that once the brain is affected, those changes are irreversible, therefore I think mental health is an issue that we should take very seriously. The threat of madness lurks in the dark corners of our minds, but as long as we realize the danger is growing and we don't hesitate to ask for help from specialists, we can probably keep it under control and prevent it from taking over our minds!

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  • samir  20-09-2017
    Mental health exists when you are weak in physical health. I want to say that when a person is taking lots of pressure he may fell mental illness.
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    • Sebastian Onciu  22-09-2017
      Yes, mental health almost certainly deteriorates when the person finds it harder and harder to cope with the pressure of society and daily existence in general. Unfortunately, that social pressure becomes overwhelming in many cases and drives more and more people to insanity.
  • shadowheart  01-08-2017
    I totally agree with you. Mental health is a global issue. It is much deadlier than having a physical disease. Even if someone has a disease, the outcome will most probably depends on the mental health of the person to get better. I've had a chat with a HIV person telling mental health is killing him more than the disease itself. Hence, like you said, we ought to take good care of our mental health in the most optimum and positive way as possible. To add, with the advancement of technology these days, cyber bullying and etc can affect mental health as well.
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    • Sebastian Onciu  02-08-2017
      The mental health of a person which has a serious physical disease is definitely vulnerable; no matter how mentally strong that person can be, it's impossible not to get affected by the physical suffering, so we have to take good care of our minds and bodies as well and try to keep them functioning well for as long as possible.
  • tumbou  30-07-2017
    Older adults have experienced some type of mental health concern, depression and mood disorders are also fairly widespread among older adults, Often going along with depression in many individuals, anxiety is also one of the more prevalent mental health problems among the elderly. Anxiety disorders encompass a range of issues, from obsessive compulsive disorder to phobias to post traumatic stress disorder. At most of the times, these illnesses may be cured and the elderly can live a healthy life as some direction mentioned about his grandfather. Even my Aunt is 92 years and she is pretty sound mentally. I assume, the elderly needs our attention, and they want to explore as well then being home bound. I wouldn't blame the lady for her condition but her children or those who may be taking care of in her family if any...
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    • Sebastian Onciu  02-08-2017
      Yes, if she has any children they are partly responsible for her condition. They, or any other relative she might have, could have also sent her to a sanitarium, which would not necessarily be a bad thing as she would probably be well taken care of and her mental health might improve a little.
  • Sebastian Onciu  29-07-2017
    Of course, that woman isn't to blame, and it's highly possible that some traumatic events which happened in her life affected her mental state. It can happen to everyone, like I said in the article.
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  • somedirection  29-07-2017
    Mental health is more and more becoming a serious health concern right now, but I wouldn't blame the old woman, for after all, she is at that state of probably going to lose it anyway. But yeah, many are still mentally healthy at that age. My grandfather is 85 and he's fine. Maybe her children left her.
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