Kings Are Often Worthless Without Pawns

Those who own political and financial power should keep in mind that without the hard work of ordinary people who are their subordinates all the wealth and power they have would mean nothing.
Kings Are Often Worthless Without Pawns
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If we take a closer look at the fascinating mind game called chess we can see that the piece which has the highest status, the king, is basically powerless without the help of its subjects. Actually, the chess pieces with the lowest status, the pawns, are the ones which can play a crucial role in the outcome of a game. They are sent into the first line of defense and most of them are sacrificed throughout a game, but if they are well coordinated by the players they can turn from vulnerable pieces into a formidable force that, in cooperation

with the other more powerful pieces, can lead their kingdom to victory.

If we make a parallel between chess and the real world, we can see that there are very few kings and a lot of pawns. Those who rule over a country or a big corporation or any other highly profitable enterprise are the kings whose power and wealth could not have been established without the participation of the many people who work for them. Every financial empire or political regime is based on the hard labor of those people who, just like pawns in the game of chess, are frequently mistreated by those who rule over them.

Those who

are in a position similar to that of a king in a chess game should often try to reevaluate their attitude towards their subjects. Pawns deserve to be treated fairly by their kings because they are the basis on which kingdoms are built, and if that foundation is fragile and the pawns are no longer willing to work hard for the ones who rule those kingdoms, then entire political regimes or institutions which appear to be solid can crumble like castles made of playing cards, and in that case kings will have absolutely no power to cling to.

Therefore, I just want to ask you, those who are in high positions and have a lot of people under your rule, to think about the similarities between your status and the one of a king in a chess game. If you want to be respected and protected by your subjects, don't forget to show them a little respect as well. They don't need statues and a lavish lifestyle, they just want to live and work in decent conditions. It shouldn't be that hard to help them achieve these goals if you want to have and successful reign!

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  • amitkokiladitya  05-11-2016
    very well written.... the truth of the powerful was very well described through the game of chess, I liked your blog a lot.
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