The Circus Has Come To My Town, But It No Longer Attracts Me

Several decades ago the arrival of a circus in town was a special event, but nowadays it doesn't generate the same enthusiasm as it used to in its golden days. It's time for me to see why I don't find exciting anymore.
 The Circus Has Come to My Town, But It No Longer Attracts Me
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It has been announced through posters in the street and the rather annoying announcements made on the loudspeakers of a car crossing the town over and over again, so it's impossible not to take notice of this piece of information: During the next few days, a circus will be the main attraction in my small town. As it's usual in such cases, it promises to offer us a spectacular show full of exciting and highly entertaining performances from both humans and animals. And yet, I haven't rushed in to buy tickets to one of the shows yet and I will

probably not do it in the following hours either since nobody else in my family has expressed the desire to attend it, so  I have to ask myself: Why doesn't the coming of a circus in my town doesn't impress me at all?

The first explanation which comes to my mind lies in the fact that circus shows are primarily created to bring joy and entertainment to children, but that doesn't mean that grown-ups who accompany them don't feel good when they watch them; after all, there is a child in everyone, and sometimes going back to childhood memories and doing some of the things which made it more beautiful back in those days of fun and lack of worries can help us a lot in the neverending battle against the stress which causes so much damage to our minds and bodies. From this point of view, I should enjoy going to the circus almost as much as I did when I was a child, but I don't, so the cause of my lack of enthusiasm towards circus lies elsewhere.

The second explanation is connected to what probably many circus lovers consider to be the main ingredient of this ancient form of entertainment: the presence of wild animals and the exquisite numbers they perform under the guidance of their trainers. This is where the big issues regarding the present and future of circus lie in my opinion. When I was child I was definitely more attracted by numbers performed by trained animals than I was by those involving only humans, such as clowns, jugglers or acrobats, but as I grew up I realized that those animals are in fact deprived of their natural environment and

many of them have to suffer a lot before they finally learn their part and perform it during the shows. Therefore, I am no longer eager to see animals like tigers, lions elephants and so on performing all sorts of tricks as this is an artificial behavior which has little or nothing to do with their natural instinct.

I would love to see these animals in action in their natural habitat during a safari trip in a place like the Kruger National Park from South Africa or any other natural reserve where they can roam and hunt freely, away from cages and from endless and endless hours of training. As a matter of fact the national state circus from the capital of my country has been banned from using animals after many of them had perished in a horrific fire a few months ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if one day all circus shows involving wild animals would be forbidden in my country; if such a measure were taken, I would agree with it.

Of course, if eventually wild animals are no longer used, circuses will have to reinvent themselves and focus their shows on the human factor.They will probably go through times because there are so many forms of entertainment available to humans nowadays that the circuses will have to create to some truly extraordinary numbers without the use of animals to keep on attracting spectators to their shows, but I have to say that I believe they will survive. I for sure would go to such shows in which only humans perform, and based on the example of the famous "Cirque du Soleil", I don't see why they couldn't be successful. Maybe the future belongs to this type of circus; those who want to see animals perform at any cost might not be thrilled by it in the beginning, but I suppose many of them will realize that, for the sake of the animals, it is better this way, and when a circus of this kind comes to my town, I will buy tickets to its show without any hesitation!

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  • alakananda  15-04-2017
    As a kid, I used to love circus and was often mesmerized by the performances. Now I understand, the acts are so inhumane and thank God the ways of entertainment are changing.
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    • Sebastian Onciu  28-05-2017
      Yes, things are changing for the better and I hope that one days these forms of entertainment in which animals are exploited will be gone forever.
  • biju  14-04-2017
    They are hurting animals, so I don't like circus
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    • Sebastian Onciu  15-04-2017
      That's why I hope that one day only humans will perform in circuses.
  • tumbou  14-04-2017
    Aahhhhh... Man is inhumane... We want ourselves to live a free life, but want any other living being captivated for our own amusements. Reading your article made me remember my time as a child when I used to go to circus with my dad. I am not sure he enjoyed them or not but he would take me here and also not let me know his true feelings... Unconstitutional and unconditional love of a father to his son!
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    • Sebastian Onciu  15-04-2017
      Unfortunately many of us are indeed inhumane not only in their attitude towards animals, but also in their relationships with other people. No animal deserves to be chained and kept by force within a closed space, but some people do, especially those who deliberately cause harm to other beings.
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