We Must Not Allow Fear To Rule Our Lives

Although the reality of contemporary life appears to be dominated by fear and insecurity, we must do our best to prevent these negative feelings from taking over our souls and dictating our actions.
We Must Not Allow Fear to Rule Our Lives
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Peace, understanding, tolerance- these are some of the key values of democratic societies  without which many of us can't imagine living anymore, especially those who also had the misfortune of living, even for a rather short period of time, under a tyrannical regime; that was my case as I was still in my early teens back in 1989 when the communist regime fell and the long, hard,  bumpy road to a genuine and prosperous democracy, a road which is still far from being completed successfully, began.

A visit I made a few years ago in several Western European countries has strengthened

my admiration for those societies in which I could notice a melting pot of people belonging to different cultures, races and religions seemingly living in harmony in those countries. I couldn't stop noticing the contrast between the serenity and easy-going nature of many people I saw in those countries and the sadness and general lack of enthusiasm which seemed to characterize the attitude of many of those I knew at home, but it was a normal difference in attitude towards life if we take into consideration the huge economic gap between the two worlds, the West and the East of Europe. If you live in a wealthy, civilized country, in which people of all races, beliefs and walks of life can earn decently, how could you not have that serenity and that positive outlook on life in general?

That was the situation a few years ago, but in the meantime things have changed for the worst almost everywhere in the world and even in those highly tolerant and genuinely democratic societies which many of us, who still live in less developed countries, admire and aspire towards. Unfortunately, it seems that the more tolerant a country is nowadays, the more vulnerable it becomes to attacks from those who, in the name of some sick ideals and concepts they were brainwashed to follow blindly, are more than willing to sacrifice not only their own lives, but also those of so  many innocent citizens who have absolutely nothing to do with politics, religion or all sorts of ideologies in the name of which those individuals commit horrible acts of terror; they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Those individuals who

blow themselves up in highly frequented places, shoot at people  indiscriminately or, as it sadly happens more and more frequently, simply drive trucks or cars straight into the unsuspecting crowds probably die with a grin of satisfaction knowing that they managed to sow the seeds of terror into the souls of people who witnessed their murderous attacks and that the victims who experienced such horrific events and survived will never enjoy life again the way the did before. The people affected by such dramatic acts of terror will probably look over their shoulders all the time, will be afraid of going out or maybe their minds will be permanently dominated by anxiety and even anger as they will keep on living those tragedies again and again, and probably for many of them respect and tolerance will be nothing but empty words.

It seems to me that, in such undesired and truly dramatic circumstances, in which fear has been sown into the hearts of so many innocent people, it threatens to grow bigger and bigger and become the dominant feeling that will rule over our entire beings and dictate our behavior. However, I also consider that we can fight fear and we can still overcome it even in these dark times; as long as we remain tolerant with those who are different from us and continue to treat them normally, as long as we communicate with others and try to remain open-minded and curious to know and understand other cultures, as long as we still enjoy going out and having a good time rather than staying locked inside our houses for fear that something bad might happen, as long as we try to live to the fullest and enrich our knowledge and our life experience day after day, we will probably keep fear under control and prevent it from spreading into our souls like a deadly virus. That's still so much to enjoy in this life and the time we have at our disposal is quite short, so why let fear take possession of our beings and waste that precious time? Let's enjoy life every day and make that fear go away!

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  • biju  17-04-2017
    Negative feeling is the only reason of suicides. If we will have a strong mind power we can overcome that. anyway thanks for your valuable article
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    • Sebastian Onciu  28-05-2017
      Yes, a strong mind power will certainly help us overcome all the obstacles. We have to remain optimistic and find means to empower ourselves even when life seems to offer us very few reasons of satisfaction.
  • alakananda  08-04-2017
    Negative feelings do come and go. We should keep one thing in mind that we are STRONG enough to deal with anything
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    • Sebastian Onciu  08-04-2017
      Yes, negative feelings are inevitable from time to time, but as long as we remember that we have the inner strength to overcome any obstacle, we should be able to keep them under control.
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