We Often Need Spiritual Armours For Our Souls

A powerful spiritual armour can help us win our inner battles and cope with the pressure of daily existence whenever our souls feel vulnerable and threatened by external factors.
We Often Need Spiritual Armours for Our Souls
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Medieval armours, once essential items for knights and warriors, are nowadays pieces we admire in history museums. We often wonder at their beauty and ask ourselves how uncomfortable it was for people in the past to carry so much metal on themselves. They represent the testimonies of a bloody past in which fierce battles were fought for glory, land, wealth, religion and so on.

Physical armours are no longer useful nowadays, but this doesn’t mean that we live in a much better world compared to the Dark Ages. There are many threats we have to deal with daily, but they are

no longer represented mainly by enemy swords. The dangers we have to face nowadays are much more complex and many of them threaten not only our bodies, but also our souls.

Stress, anxiety, fear of what tomorrow may bring, the pressure of having to cope with society's norms,  fear of losing your job and so on- all these threats are the enemies we have to defend against. The bad things which happen in our lives and our daily frustrations can lead  to an invasion of negative feelings and states in our souls: envy, hate, jealousy, that could eventually influence our actions in undesirable manners.

Faced with

so many dangers, our souls need some sort of protection, a solid armour that might take some time to build. It might  be quite vulnerable at the beginning, but I think the more we experienced we get in different life situations, the stronger the armour becomes.

If we respond those threatening invaders that try to creep into our souls with positive attitudes like friendship, tolerance, respect and sometimes a little more detached attitude towards the hardships of life, we can  build a strong armour that could offer us a considerable degree of protection for our souls.

However, let’s not forget that no armour is perfect, so we shouldn’t let our guard down when we think we are shielded against the dangers of modern life. They are always lurking and waiting for an opportunity to break through our defense and enter our souls. Our biggest enemies can sometimes be our negative states and feelings, therefore we need to keep that invisible armour close to our souls at any given moment because we never know when we might need it!

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